5 Reasons why your organisation should modernise its BI and Data Analytics platforms

Cloud computing is changing the way organisations perform Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and performance solutions.

Gartner defined Modern BI in their Magic Quadrant report, saying: “The evolution and sophistication of the self-service data preparation and data discovery capabilities available in the market has shifted the focus of buyers in the BI and analytics platform market — toward easy-to-use tools that support a full range of analytic workflow capabilities and do not require significant involvement from IT to predefine data models upfront as a prerequisite to analysis.”

Making the leap to the cloud can seem daunting at first, but the potential benefits to your business are too significant to ignore. That’s why the number of organisations adopting a cloud-based model is increasing rapidly and Microsoft Azure is the service of choice for many of these businesses.

By 2021, the number of users of modern BI and analytics platforms that are differentiated by smart data discovery capabilities will grow at twice the rate of those that are not, and will deliver twice the business value. (Gartner, MQ for BI / Analytics 2017)

So why are so many businesses adopting cloud computing platforms like Azure? Here are five reasons why they’ve taken the leap—and why your organisation should consider doing the same.

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