Case study: Management dashboards for port productivity2019-02-11T17:50:31+10:00

Port Productivity Dashboards

Increasing Visibility of the Key Performance Metrics


Our client needed to provide management reporting on port productivity to oversee the performance of their ports in near real-time.

The client’s existing reporting environment was outdated, it required manual data input from multiple sources and it used MS Excel to present the results. Moreover, reports did not display current data, and this time lag in the reporting prevented managers from making timely decisions and taking corrective action.


Our solution was a set of interactive reports built on Power BI to enable C-level access to their key information in an easy way in a timely manner. The fully automated data process allowed managers to monitor key performance metrics in real time, drill-through to different areas for detailed analysis and enabled them to take corrective actions in time.

The dashboard included key performance metrics such as container terminal performance, berth utilisation, and terminal rail and road performance to provide a holistic view of the client’s operation processes.