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Do you want to learn from the experts in Power BI?

Agile Analytics training difference:

  • You will get hands-on experts delivering the training, not trainers reading from a script

  • We can draw on our experience to provide real-life scenarios where the materials apply

  • We can solve your real-world problems during the class because we teach what we do in the field every day

See what our attendees have said:

(a) concern was that the trainer would just be reciting/presenting a straight textbook training course with no real knowledge of the material. You definitely proved to have practical and proven expertise in this space though”. – BI Manager, Government

“(I was concerned) that it may fall into the standard vanilla instructor reading off notes at the front of the room for two days. It was not – Informative, engaging, relevant.” – BI Developer – Government

“The course was really good, I got a lot out of it. The trainer was really great at explaining everything and answering our questions. The examples we worked through were really helpful. It gave us a greater insight into the tools available in Power BI and how we can use it to suit our business needs.” Analyst – Qantas

What will I learn?

This workshop is designed to accelerate your Power BI experience with a comprehensive training program in a single day. All you have to do is bring your laptop and we will supply the rest!

First, you will learn how to query, reshape and pull in data. Then organise the results into a data model with relationships and calculations (DAX). Finally, you will learn the best way to visualise your data through a variety of charts, graphs, maps and gauges that are provided.


  • Power BI Overview

  • Data Acquisition

    • Using Power Query to connect, shape and clean your data

  • Data Modelling

    • Overview of data modelling

    • Creating relationships

    • Creating calculations using DAX

  • Data Visualisation

    • Visualisation best practices

    • Building actionable reports

  • Power BI Website

    • Creating and customising Dashboards

    • Schedule data refresh

    • Quick Insights and Natural Language Query (Q&A)

  • Analyse in Excel

  • Optimising for mobile access

  • Row-level security

  • Sharing and collaboration using Workspace and Apps

  • Group project

  • Beyond visualisation: Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning  

  • Tips for certification and additional resources

For a better experience, Agile Analytics encourages you to bring your laptop. Alternatively, you can contact us to organise a laptop for you (extra fee applies).