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Finance Analytics

Our Finance Analytics solution build on Power BI can help finance departments by creating analytical dashboards to provide them real-time visibility to their data and greater insight into their key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Do you wish to see a clean and refreshed data every time you open your reports instead of manipulating it in Excel?

  • Do you want to perform a comparative trend analysisat a glance?

  • Do you want to visualise the acceleration of your business performance?

  • Do you need to forecast financial metrics for your budgeting purpose?

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Profitability of products Dashboard

Identify top performers to determine where to focus your business for max revenue

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Profit and Loss (P&L) Dashboard

Identify trends and gain valuable insights into your P&L.

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Accounts receivable/payable Dashboard

Keep track of Account Receivables and Account Payable in real time.

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Actual vs. Budget / Forecast by Cost Centre, Department Dashboard

Stay in control of your budget, visualising expenditure as it happens!

Power BI and Excel integration

With the Power BI simple integration with Excel, you can securely connect to your organization data from anywhere using your good-old-friend Excel, and best of all, it’s always up-to-date!

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