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Power BI to can provide hospitals and healthcare organisations greater visibility into their data and can generate greater insight into their key performance indicators (KPIs).

You can build dashboards that can be utilised to monitor hospital and healthcare quality indicators.

  • Outpatient Registrations

  • Patient Billing

  • Pharmacy Reports

  • Hospital Financial Accounting

  • And many more…

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Clinical Dashboard

Nursing Unit Census, Current Patients for Emergency Room, Average Patient Length of Stay

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Hospital Dashboard

Admissions, Emergency Room Wait Times, Quarterly Income, Departmental Spending

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Patient Dashboard

Average Length of Stay, Total Number of Patients, Lab Turnaround Time

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Physician Dashboard

Number of Patients, Patient Satisfaction, Number of New Patients

Here is how your Healthcare organisation can benefit:

Power BI solutions have been adopted and well received by healthcare organisations such as hospitals, surgical care facilities, healthcare providers, emergency services and medical device companies.

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