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Our HR Analytics solution built on Microsoft Power BI can help you visualise and gain insights into your workforce performance in a simple and effective manner through an user-friendly and automated reporting environment. This means HR staff can get back to what they do best, hiring and managing people instead of dealing with data manipulation in Excel!

  • Do you need an easy and efficient way to analyses large data sets of employees’ information?
  • Do you want to combine internal and external databases to get better insights into the available workforce?
  • Do you want to track your workforce performance with simple and user-friendly reporting application?
  • Do you want to know how to collaboratively analyse your figures and share HR reports?

HR Management Dashboards

HR department cost per FTE, HR headcount, workforce productivity


Recruitment Dashboards

Average interviewing costs, job vacancies as a percentage of total positions as well as internal, external, and total headcount recruiting costs and ratios

Training Efficiency Dashboards

Percentage of the HR budget spent on training, the ratio of internal versus external training and return on investment (ROI) for training

Training Efficiency

Turnover Dashboards

Annualised voluntary turnover rate, average retirement age
and percentage of new hire retention

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See the patterns in your data

  • You can build your own HR dashboards,or you can create a custom ad-hoc report for specific questions. This can give you real-time visibility into your data allowing you to generate greater insight into your HR key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • You can also build dashboards to monitor staff turnover, performance, or to measure the efficiency of trainings. These dashboards are easy to adopt and use by HR professionals with no IT background.