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Machine Learning

Does your business struggle to accurately forecast its future sales and operational costs?
Do you want to find tangible cross-sell and up-sell opportunities?
Is it hard to understand why your customers are leaving your business?
Do you want to know what your most valuable customer segment looks like?

The above are some examples of how we can use Machine Learning to help your business gain competitive advantage by leveraging your data assets and become data driven.
We can help you to identify use-cases and show you how machine learning and advanced analytical techniques such as text analyses, sentiment analysis, graph and streaming analytics can be used at scale on Big Data to provide new insight that helps foster growth, reduce costs and improve effectiveness for competitive advantage.

Data Science

By our close partnership with Intellify – expert Data Scientists – we deliver range of solutions such as:

Demand Forecasting
Computer Vision
Pricing Optimisation
Predictive Maintenance
Customer Segmentation
Natural Language Processing
Recommendation Engines
Churn prediction


Solutions that deliver real value
Built using state-of-the-art technologies
Leveraging our unique Data Science Success Framework
Experts in translational data science