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Marketing Analytics

Our Marketing Analytics solution will completely change your perspective of reporting. You will be convinced that Excel is a boring and time-consuming tool that lacks imagination and should be left to accountants! Through our solution built on Power BI you can connect your CRM and Marketing data to see your marketing ROI and analyse the performance more interactive than ever before.

  • Do you want to make sense of your marketing vast data?

  • Do you know your ROI for each marketing campaign?

  • Do you want to share insightswith colleagues at a click of a mouse?

  • Do you need an easy way to analyse leads through their geographical areasand then show this on a map?

  • Do you need to mash upyour organisation finance data to external datawithout asking your IT department?

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EDM Campaign Analytics

Improve your visibility into your EDM campaign.

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Account Based Marketing (ABM) Analytics

Our dashboards will allow you to stay on top of your ABM campaign.

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Campaign ROI analysis

Find out how profitable your campaigns really are.

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Social Media Analysis

Integrate Social Media Analytics to your toolbox, for a more comprehensive analysis.

Power BI for Marketing Analytics

Power BI will completely change your perspective of Excel being a boring and time-consuming tool that lacks imagination and should be left to accountants. Through Excel Power BI you can make CRM and marketing research easier and more interactive than ever before.

Power BI can help you with

  • EDM campaign analytics
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) Analytics
  • Campaign RIO analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • Market research and survey analysis
  • Geographical segmentation

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