CRM Analytics FOR Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Power BI + Dynamics 365

Track Your Sales & Marketing Performance in Real-time

Why CRM Analytics?

Regardless of your company size or industry vertical, having a data analytics capability integrated with your CRM has become a necessity to help understand your customers behaviours and identify new opportunities.

The out-of-the-box functionalities of a CRM – such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 – in normally not enough to enable businesses to gain insights into their CRM data and additional analytics functionalities is often required to gain deeper customer insights.

What is Agile CRM Analytics?

Agile CRM Analytics is set of reports and dashboards built on Microsoft Power BI that can integrate with your Dynamics 365 to give you better insights from your CRM data.

It provides a single, unified reporting platform through which all authorised team members can access specific information on individual customers, in order to provide them with the personalised service. 

Your sales representatives and marketing executives would be able to thoroughly analyse and examine all the customer touch points.  They can leverage advanced analytics to make pipeline predictions and identify gaps before they happen.

With the Agile CRM Analytics, the entire sales organisation is equipped with shareable, actionable insights that help illuminate what’s working and what isn’t, where the opportunities are and what needs to be prioritised to scale the team’s success.

Why Agile CRM Analytics?



See your pipeline in real-time, filter it by type, likelyhood, stage, sales rep, close date, etc.

Lead Analysis

See your Leads and marketing performance

Number of leads but channel, source campaign, demography, status, etc.


Account Analysis

See your accounts’ life-time-value or by financial year, win rate, and identify your top value customers.

Win / Loss


Reduce the lag in your decision making by integrating predictive analysis and advanced reporting to your Dynamics 365

See it with your own data

A free trial version is now available on Microsoft AppSource.

You can upgrade to full version by purchasing the license from us. We can help you customize these reports, add your branding and adjust it based on your sales process. Alternatively you can purchase the Power BI source file (PBIX) with the instruction to do it yourself (DIY).

Licensing options


Get the Power BI file and DIY
$ 3,500 One off
  • Save 100's of hours in development time
  • Get the PBIX file and take control of the rest
  • Connect it easily to your Dynamics 365
  • Customise the reports and create new ones
  • Add your own logo and branding

Full Solution

We build & customise it for you
$ 5,000 Starting price
  • Full package including the existing reports
  • Customised reports based on your needs
  • Security set up and configuration
  • API connection to your Dynamics 365
  • Including your sales process and targets
  • Your logo and branding

Power BI App

Pay as you go
$ 250 Monthly
  • All interactive reports
  • API connection to your Dynamics 365
  • No change to the existing reports
  • Minimum 12 months

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