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Make Profitable Decisions with our Retail Insights solution – powered by Microsoft Power BI. It helps you to rapidly see the data you need so you can easily read it, understand it and act on it.

AI-powered Q&A feature let you go deeper with your data and explore it in more comprehensive ways by asking simple questions in plain English and get results in form of charts, maps or tabular form.

There’s no need to learn a new tool. In no time, your business users will be able to easily create actionable and insightful reports and your dealers can use them at any place on any device, including mobile.

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Measure the impact of Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction on your Sales

In the current competitive market, it’s necessary to measure and track customer satisfaction and impact of that on sales. No matter what system you use, measuring customers satisfaction and linking that to sales figures can be challenging. Well, this is where Retails Insights helps in meeting your business goals especially for sales managers, chief operating officers, sales directors, customer insights managers and other relevant roles

Retails Insights

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“As a Sales Manager for a Retailer with branches all across Australia, I needed to see my sales reps measures and track them again against their targets. The traditional way of reporting (mainly excel-based) was not easy to work and understand. I needed something more flexible, easy to use, real-time and accessible by mobile. Agile Analytics Power BI Retails dashboards helped us to make our sales KPIs easier to see, so we can plan and take informed actions.”

Sales Manager - Australian Retail Company

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