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Sales Analytics

Through Power BI you can connect to your sales data to see your sales performance and analyse the top-sellers, agents, locations, and categories, more interactive than ever before.

  • Do you want to have a nice visual dashboard to show your main sales metrics and KPIs?

  • Do you want to be able to break it down by region, category, product, agent, and many more?

  • Do you want to see historical trends and forecast next 6 months with what-if scenario analysis?

  • Do you want to see the performance of each sales agent?

  • How about a flag / alert if a sales agent is unlikely to achieve their targets?

  • Do you want to make it available for your sales representatives on their mobile devices from any place?

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Find Top / Bottom Performers

This tool will allow your business to easily identify revenue drivers and bottom performers.

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See Your Sales Data on Map

When, where and how much: see your sales performance across locations.

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Benchmarking & Competitor Analysis

Keep track of the competition and compare performance against relevant benchmarks.

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Predictive Analytics

Reduce the lag in your decision making by integrating predictive analysis to toolbox

Power BI can help you with:

  • See your sales metrics, slice & dice it by product, category, location, agent, and any other data element that you want!
  • Predictive Analytics to forecast your sales based on historical trends and seasonality in your data
  • Find top / bottom performers
  • See your sales data on map
  • Benchmarking and competitor analysis
  • Check your run-rate and compare it to the same period last year

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