Human Resources Analytics

Get actionable insights from your HR data

What is Agile HR Analytics?

A Turnkey Solution that fully integrates your
HR data to Microsoft Power BI

A full end-to-end analytics and reporintg solution – built on Microsoft Power BI – to help you discover useful HR insights for strategic decision making.

It enables HR professionals to make data-driven decisions to attract, manage, and retain employees, which improves ROI.

It helps leaders make decisions to create better work environments and maximize employee productivity. It has a major impact on the bottom-line when used effectively.

Why Agile HR Analytics Solution?

  • Single reporting environment | One-stop-shop for all your reporitng needs
  • Multiple data sources | All your data in one place
  • Fully cloud-based | No need for new, on-premises software​
  • Flexible security | Customise what each user can see​
  • Tailored to your organisation’s needs | Build business rules and calculations according to your requirements​

Common Challenges with HR Systems for Reporitng

  • It's difficult to find useful insights for strategic decision making.
  • Not being able to view full employees' lifecycle in one place.
  • Integration with other systems such as recruitment or payroll applications is not easy.
  • Difficulty with reporting functionalities such as grouping of divisions or merging data groups.
  • Managing and customising dashboards often needs IT support.
  • New calculations are not easy to add - e.g. turnover of the employees / attrition rate, ....

AI-enabled Solution to Make you Ready for HR 4.0



Seamless integration with all your HR ralated data:

Workday, Oracle HCM, Survey Monkey, MS Excel, ADP and more.



Forget about complexities and

Choose who sees which part of your HR data across your organisation.

Customised to

Your Needs

Easily add your business rules and logics

Override your data mapping and easily add custom calculations.




See summary of all your key metrics and KPIs in one page.

Select each item to drill-through to relevant report.

Power BI HR Dashboard
HR Departments Dashboard PowerBI



It contains department wise headcount analysis and geographical analysis of employees.

Performance Analysis


Understand the performance of your employees and compare them agains benchmark and targets.

It also containt an AI-anabled chart to show you the key influencers for performance.

HR Diversity Dashboard



It contains different metrics on the diversity of the company like women in senior level positions, number of employees by generation, median age, etc.

Training Efficiency


Track the value of your training. Training dashboard provides useful metrics to evaluate your investment, such as the percentage of the HR budget spent on training, the ratio of internal versus external training, and return on investment (ROI) for training.​

HR Training Dashboard
HR Historical and Trends Dashboard

Historical & Trends


It contains trend analysis of employees, hire, open position, terminations and turnover.

Absenteesm Analysis


It contains the analysis of annual leave, sick leave in different categories. For example, department, age, reason, leave type, date and the cost analysis of annual leave by the department.

HR Absenteesm Dashboard



Turnover is a crucial metric in any organization. Gain valuable insights on your employees’ turnover for your company. ​

Take Your HR Data Further


  • Number of FTEs vs Contractors
  • Turnover reports
  • Cost of turnover
  • Payroll reports


  • Slice & Dice Data by region, department, gender, etc.
  • Find relationships and seasonalities
  • Historical and trends analysis
  • “Live” dashboards


  • Key metrics explained:
  • Psychometric, Business Engagement, Training Effectiveness, ...
  • Predictive analytics to forecast likely outcomes
  • Suggestions and recommendations
  • Evidence-based ROI

Employees’ Life Cycle Analysis


Gain valuable insights on your hiring performance by gender, age, and more.



Gain control over investment on training per employee, across all departments ​



Identify rising stars and low performers within the organization.​




Gain valuable insights on your employees’ turnover for your company.​



Track leave usage and cost by age range, department, type of leave, and more.​

Webinar – How to Get Insights from Your Workday HR Data

We will be presenting a webinar with Microsoft about this topic. Join the webinar to find out how our HR Analytics solution using Power BI enables you to pull information directly from Workday and easily combine it with other data to get real-time insights for optimisation, forecasting, and reporting.

Our Clients’


“As an HR business user who is always looking for ways to present data in a more concise and clear way, I have found Agile Analytics Power BI HR dashboard templates broaden my understanding of how to develop and design Power BI dashboards for my organization’s HR department.

The visualizations are a part of the learning cycle I clearly needed. Highly recommended. Definitely one of the best and well worth the money”

Farah, DHL

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Why our Workforce Analytics Solution delivers results with no hassle involved:
  • Plug n’ Play Minimal IT configuration or support needed ​
  • Immediate Value See business value at once​​
  • Fully Cloud-Based No need for new on-premises software​​
  • Fast and Easy Quick deployment, intuitive and easy to learn​​
  • Subscription Model Simple and reasonable subscription plan​​